Your children will go through many stages in their lives as they grow up, and each stage will be characterised by different needs.
At the stage of a toddler, your child will start seeking their own independence, will start interacting more meaningfully with the world, and as such, will require a personalised space of his or her own. This can make choosing bedroom furniture for your toddler a little difficult.
They have their own unique personality, likes and dislikes. And while much of the design and style will depend on what your child wants, and what you want to do too, there are certain essentials that every toddler should have in their bedroom.
Let’s Start with the Bed
A bedroom without a bed is, well, just a room. Your toddler has likely outgrown that little crib and will want their own place to sleep at night. There will surely be nights that are spent in your room, but their own bed is one of the first big steps towards independence.
A Place to Keep Clothes
Your little one will be accumulating a lot of clothing, and you will need a place to keep them. What better way to start teaching them how to look after their clothes by giving them a place to store them away. Whether it’s a closet or a cabinet, and no matter how you make it fit the décor of the room, you will need a place to keep clothing.
A Little-Person’s Library
Books are to the young mind what water and sunlight are to plants, so as your little one grows up, there will likely be a lot of them around. Give your toddler a place to keep them, whether it be a dedicated shelf or a bookshelf, keeping them together will encourage your toddler to read more books, and will also ensure that they last for years to come.
A Place to Keep Toys
Any parent who has ever had the unfortunate experience of standing on a rogue Lego piece first thing in the morning can attest to the importance of packing toys away once your toddler is done playing with them. Why not get your little one a toy-box that fits with the theme of their room, so that they can keep all of their favourite things in one place.
Space to Play
Take care, however, not too clutter your child’s room up with too much stuff. There will be things that are useful, things that are necessary, and things that seem to just be there because they tend to fit with the room. Consider, rather, leaving enough space to let your little one play in their own privacy should they decide to. Give them space to play in their own bedroom.
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