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Bringing a new baby home has plenty challenges, having the perfect baby room will help ease you into this new phase of your family’s life. Your baby room should not only have your baby in mind but also the parents. A lot of time will be spent in this room and it needs to be comfortable for the newborn and parents alike.


Baby Room Must Haves

A few things a baby room must have: a cradle or cot, a wardrobe, a changing table (better if it can double as a dresser), a rocking chair, a laundry basket and of course toys and toy boxes.


The Colour of the Room

Gone are the days were boys have blue rooms and girls need to stick to pink. There is a spectrum of colour available to choose from but use colour wisely as colour has a great impact on behaviour and mood. Use cool colours to create a calm atmosphere and create the elusion of space. Warm colours might make the room look a bit more snug but it makes for a happy comforting environment.


Room Lighting

Avoid using harsh light in your babies’ room, stick to LEDs that create a low soft light effect, this is much easier on the eyes, if you can install a dimmer for extra comfort. For safety reasons avoid florescent lights, they do contain traces of mercury that can be harmful to infants.


Keep the future in mind

Keep in mind that babies grow up fast, in 12 months your baby will be a toddler playing with a new set of toys, walking around, and testing the limits of everything. Make sure your room is adjustable to suit the needs of your child as he/she grows older.



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Furnishing a guest room isn’t as straightforward as it seems. There are some important questions you need to ask yourself first:

Do you Have Frequent Visitors?

If you entertain on a regular basis, then it is always a viable option to have a guest room with everything your guests may need to be comfortable.

What is the Budget?

The span of your budget will determine how completely you outfit your guest room, as well as the quality of the furniture you put inside of it.

Can the Room be Multi-Purpose?

When you have no guests, will the room be used as a study, storage room or for any other reason. If so, you can outfit it to be multi-purpose.

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Our versatile range of furniture is suitable for any household. We understand that children grow up quicker than you are able to bat an eyelid and understand the effect that growing kids have on your wallet- due to the fact that they out-grow furniture, clothing, shoes, interests, habits etc. very quickly! Our bunk beds can be useful for your toddler up until your child grows up into a tween. An additional feature is the bunk beds can be unassembled into single beds and because of their classic and timeless design you do not have to worry about the furniture becoming old fashioned or ‘uncool’.




The benefits of bunk beds.

Bunk beds are a great option not only for kid’s rooms but also for guest rooms with limited space or storage. Let’s forget about the practical elements, bunk beds is a fun and creative piece of furniture for children to enjoy their hours of sleep on.

Here goes a list of reasons to buy a bunk bed:

Bunks beds help you save space when space or storage is limited. Combined storage will save you from buying an extra piece of furniture. Built-in shelves is a sensible way of keeping organized and storing extras and miscellaneous items. When you have two or more individuals sharing a bedroom, bunk beds are a sensible option to save space. Bunk beds encourage siblings to bond as they spend time together. Different fun and imaginative designs help children explore their imagination. Thinking of having a roommate in your apartment, then go for bunk beds. Bunk beds makes it easier when your children have sleepovers because you don’t have to worry about the hassle of blow up mattresses. The bunk beds allow you to store extra stuff beneath them. Some have inbuilt study and computer desk to work upon, this provides more workspace.


In conclusion.

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Guest rooms are arguably an essential part of just about any home, particularly those that are often frequented by visitors. Ensuring that your guests get the comfort and privacy that they need requires a thoughtful touch on a guest’s room that provides for everything.

On top of that, you need to think about how the room is used when nobody is sojourning in your home, but don’t worry, armed with the right information, these decisions can be made with relative ease.

So if you have been looking for guest room furniture for your home, here are a few things to think about before you buy.

How Often do Guests Stay with You?

The first consideration to make before furnishing your room, is to determine how frequently it will be used by guests.

This will have some bearing on what you put into it and how homely you make it feel. If you get frequent visits, it is worth your while putting a bit more money, effort and time into making the room hospitable.

If you have guests fairly rarely, then you may not consider it practical to do so.

Consider Your Budget

Budget accounts for a lot, and will determine what you are and are not prepared to do in your guest room. Furniture isn’t always cheap, or may not fall within the bounds of your budget, which means that you have to consider the quality of each item included in the room.

If your budget is limited and you don’t often have guests staying over, then it is wise not to splurge. But if you are a bit of a socialite and generally accommodate guests, then spending more on keeping them comfortable might be a priority for you.

Can the Room be Multi-Purpose?

A benefit held by most guest rooms that aren’t held by others, is their ability to be multi-functional. While people are staying over, they can be used to accommodate them comfortably, but what happens in the room when you have no guests?

In situations like this, the guest room can double up as a study or an art-studio, assuming that it contains the necessary furniture within it.

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There is a lot to consider when setting up a guests room, and most of it is concerned with your own sense of style, how you live, and what you are prepared to spend.

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Becoming a parent for the first time can be incredibly daunting. There are so many things to think about and even more things to purchase to ensure the comfort of your little one once he or she arrives. Are absolutely all of those baby furniture pieces and accessories really necessary though? We’ve compiled a list of the definite must-haves to narrow it down for you and simplify your life.

A Cradle or a Cot?

Surprisingly, both are actually necessary. For the first six months of your baby’s life, paediatricians recommend that your little one sleeps next to you for close monitoring. This doesn’t mean that they have to share a bed with you and this is where a cradle comes in handy. A cradle can be placed next to your bed, is sturdy and will last longer than a bassinet in the sense that your baby won’t outgrow it as quickly.

Welcome to My Crib

Once your baby has passed the six-month milestone, sleeping in their own room is a recommended option. A cot or crib is crucial for this phase as a specially designed children’s bed with latticed sides that keeps your baby safe. For the times where it becomes difficult to get your baby to sleep, the space in a cot allows for plenty of blankets, toys and a mobile to create distractions until your little one feels tired.

Cots are a great investment as well because your baby won’t simply outgrow them in a matter of months.


A compactum is a set of shelves where nappies, wet wipes, towels and baby toiletries can be kept. Its surface is designed to fit a changing mat so that you can change your baby’s nappy easily with all the things you may need being close by and easily accessible. This is definitely a nursery room must-have!

Other Must-Haves

Bedding, a dustbin, baby bibs and baskets are also essential for a nursery room. Don’t forget toys as well as shelving for décor items, baby monitors and other things you choose to put in your nursery. For incredible baby bedroom furniture, contact The Room or visit their website. 

Life is unpredictable and if yours is as unpredictable as mine, that can mean the arrival of a guest on the spur of the moment. Cue the panic as I scramble to move the make-shift office space I’ve somehow created in the ‘guest bedroom’ over the past year. Could there be a way around this dilemma? A Quick Conversion If, like me, you have guests about once or twice a year, then you can see how it makes little sense to have a guest room taking up valuable space that could be used for another purpose for the rest of that year. With a little innovation, one room could be used as a workspace as well as easily and effortlessly converted into a comfortable and inviting guest room. Furniture Design for Versatile Functionality Implementing this concept requires a serious evaluation of the type of furniture you decide to use in that room. There are ways to assimilate bedroom furniture with office furniture and make it look like it isn’t so. A day bed is an absolute must-have because of the versatility it affords – easily made to look like a couch in an office space or done up to look like one of the most important elements in a guest bedroom (duh, a bed). If selected cleverly enough, a desk can also become a dressing table – insert mirror and there you have it. Accessorize for a Purpose Great bedding design goes a long way to ensure a day bed looks like its sole function is to accommodate comfortable guests while they sleep. Fresh flowers are a must for any guest room or any office space for that matter. For more ideas on furniture that can have dual functions and make your life a whole lot easier, contact The Room or visit their website.