Bringing a new baby home has plenty challenges, having the perfect baby room will help ease you into this new phase of your family’s life. Your baby room should not only have your baby in mind but also the parents. A lot of time will be spent in this room and it needs to be comfortable for the newborn and parents alike.


Baby Room Must Haves

A few things a baby room must have: a cradle or cot, a wardrobe, a changing table (better if it can double as a dresser), a rocking chair, a laundry basket and of course toys and toy boxes.


The Colour of the Room

Gone are the days were boys have blue rooms and girls need to stick to pink. There is a spectrum of colour available to choose from but use colour wisely as colour has a great impact on behaviour and mood. Use cool colours to create a calm atmosphere and create the elusion of space. Warm colours might make the room look a bit more snug but it makes for a happy comforting environment.


Room Lighting

Avoid using harsh light in your babies’ room, stick to LEDs that create a low soft light effect, this is much easier on the eyes, if you can install a dimmer for extra comfort. For safety reasons avoid florescent lights, they do contain traces of mercury that can be harmful to infants.


Keep the future in mind

Keep in mind that babies grow up fast, in 12 months your baby will be a toddler playing with a new set of toys, walking around, and testing the limits of everything. Make sure your room is adjustable to suit the needs of your child as he/she grows older.



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