The Room offers versatile high quality furniture that is not only practical but at an added benefit won’t break the bank.

Our versatile range of furniture is suitable for any household. We understand that children grow up quicker than you are able to bat an eyelid and understand the effect that growing kids have on your wallet- due to the fact that they out-grow furniture, clothing, shoes, interests, habits etc. very quickly! Our bunk beds can be useful for your toddler up until your child grows up into a tween. An additional feature is the bunk beds can be unassembled into single beds and because of their classic and timeless design you do not have to worry about the furniture becoming old fashioned or ‘uncool’.




The benefits of bunk beds.

Bunk beds are a great option not only for kid’s rooms but also for guest rooms with limited space or storage. Let’s forget about the practical elements, bunk beds is a fun and creative piece of furniture for children to enjoy their hours of sleep on.

Here goes a list of reasons to buy a bunk bed:

  1. Bunks beds help you save space when space or storage is limited.
  2. Combined storage will save you from buying an extra piece of furniture.
  3. Built-in shelves is a sensible way of keeping organized and storing extras and miscellaneous items.
  4. When you have two or more individuals sharing a bedroom, bunk beds are a sensible option to save space.
  5. Bunk beds encourage siblings to bond as they spend time together.
  6. Different fun and imaginative designs help children explore their imagination.
  7. Thinking of having a roommate in your apartment, then go for bunk beds.
  8. Bunk beds makes it easier when your children have sleepovers because you don’t have to worry about the hassle of blow up mattresses.
  9. The bunk beds allow you to store extra stuff beneath them.
  10. Some have inbuilt study and computer desk to work upon, this provides more workspace.


In conclusion.

The Room offers a wide range of versatile furniture; visit our website to purchase bunk beds for your home.