Designing a baby’s room puts a smile on our faces. We bring you all you need to know about the baby’s room, from what furniture is essential in the room, when should you start buying furniture for the nursery and tips for safety in the nursery.

What furniture is essential in a baby’s room?

We say less is more. You want to create a calm environment for you and your new born with no clutter, open space and furniture to assist in making your life easier. Firstly, a crib is essential, baby needs to sleep somewhere. Secondly, a chair, it should be comfy for you to rock baby to sleep of nurse in. Third, a cupboard, wardrobe or chest of draws to ensure you have enough packing space for all baby’s tiny little clothes and thousands of nappies. Fourth, you will need a changing station.


When should you start buying furniture for the nursery?

When it comes to shopping, especially for the baby’s room, we say go for it. There is no specific time frame and actually the earlier you get to sorting the nursery the better as right at the end of your pregnancy you sometimes don’t feel up to doing anything, especially being on your feet shopping. If you do prefer to wait, we say have your nursery sorted with all the furniture before you enter your third trimester.

What are some safety tips for the nursery?

Remember it’s only a few months till baby can walk and crawl. When you are shopping for the nursery bare in mind any furniture that might be a safety hazard, in the sense that the baby can climb on top of, If the wardrobe had legs that may be easy to fall on a toddler or the height of the crib so the baby can’t climb and fall out. Think of all these points when browsing around.

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