What To Look For


When it comes to toddler bedroom furniture, or other kids furniture, the big benefit is that if it is done right, and receive from the right supplier, the cost will not be astronomically high.

It certainly costs less than if you were to buy actual furniture and place it in your child’s room.

Furniture for kids may seem like it could be quite pricey, however, when you choose a supplier that focuses on all components, including safety, the price will be focused more one the benefit of the furniture, over simply making a profit.

The Room is a children’s furniture manufacturer and supplier business, focused heavily on the production of quality furniture, including beds, cradles and bunk beds, to name just a few of their products.

Professional Design

Furniture for kids may be for children, but at the end of the day, you need to look at it as if you’re buying furniture for your lounge.

When you keep this in mind, you will be able to choose a style and design which is focused on quality, will be durable and will work for your child’s room.

On top of this, toddler bedroom furniture, among other kids furniture, is something which you will either keep for a few months, all the way up to a few years, meaning that you want it to work with what you already have, rather than be a random piece in your home.

Non-Toxic Paint

A huge factor when buying furniture for kids is that you need to also think about if the paint which they used for the furniture is toxic or not.

Paint in general today is much less toxic than it used to be in the past, however, there are still paints which contain lead and other toxicities, which will affect your child if they come into contact with it such as if they were to scrape it off and eat it.

The Room provides non-toxic paint on their furniture which will ensure that your children are safe from harm in this respect.

Environmentally Friendly

Adding to this, choosing to work with a business who uses paint and materials which are non-toxic and are also focused on being as sustainable as possible with the items they are using, is a company that is focused not only on the bottom line but being responsible with the impact on the environment.

The Room is focused on being as environmentally friendly as possible, with the goal to use materials in a responsible way, as to not further impact the earth and the environment.

By purchasing toddler bedroom furniture or other types of children’s furniture, which is as environmentally friendly as possible, you’re serving a bigger purpose to the planet than you may think.



Buying children’s furniture which is able to be customised to what you want, including in size, look and feel, you will be able to create a bedroom which is practical and has a nice aesthetic.

Having a business which is excited about being creative in the making of furniture for kids, with enthusiasm to create functional and beautiful furniture, is a business which you should get into contact with.

One of these types of businesses, and one which has been at the top of their game for a while, is The Room.

Be sure to contact The Room for more information on their furniture for kids and toddlers.

Good Warranty

Warranty between a year or two is a good warranty to have because it gives you the peace of mind when purchasing certain types of furniture for kids.

Kids can run around and sometimes mistakes happen, meaning that if things do get dented or split in some kind of way.

Having a good warranty from business also highlights the fact that they are not only focused on getting their stock out of the door, they’re also focused on providing quality service during and after their sale.

Toddler bedroom furniture, as well as children’s furniture, is something which should have a warranty simply because of the individuals who will be using it, that being kids.

Any defects need to be fixed, either by maintenance or by replacing it.

Safe Furniture

Last, but certainly not least, the furniture needs to be safe and adequate enough for kids, as they will be running around and any sharp edges could end in a not so nice way.

The furniture needs to almost be childproof, while still providing an aesthetic to space, linking to the whole house as well.

Furniture for kids may seem like something which can just be what it is, however, a business which makes it safe for children is what makes all the difference.

Pros Of Choosing Bunk Beds


Bunk beds are a fantastic piece of furniture for kids as it is something which allows for a lot of space in the room, where a larger bed or two single beds may fill up most of the space in the bedroom.

By bringing a buck bed into space, you will be able to organise the room much easier, with the focus shifting onto the entire space, in terms of what can be improved, redone or renovated.

The Room provides high-quality bunk beds at a good price, which will open the room up much more, allowing for your kids to be able to play in their room, as well as settle down and sleep when it comes time.

Separate Beds

A good reason as to why your children should sleep in bunk beds, as opposed to other kinds of furniture for kids, is that the ability to be able to be independent and sleep on your own is a skill which many children struggle with for years to come.

Providing them with the opportunity to still have someone in the room, either above or below them in the other bunk, will build their confidence and ability to sleep by themselves.

Learning this skill early is a huge benefit and will allow your child to focus on other more demanding tasks, such as learning how to tie their shoes.


A cool thing which people don’t realise about bunk beds is the fact that many are actually designed to be converted into single beds.

This form of furniture for kids is made in a way where the top bunk is able to come off, making two beds, which is useful especially when the children start to grow up and want their own space.

What this does is allow you to keep the furniture for a longer period of time, which is not only beneficial in terms of practicality but so too in terms of financially as you will not need to go out and buy separate beds.



Guest Space

When it comes time for your kids to start having sleepovers you want to be sure that you have the right amount of blankets and pillows available to their friends.

On top of this, you also want to be sure that there is space available for the guests to be able to sleep.

Furniture for kids in this way, as mentioned above, allows for more space, ensuring that your guests will be able to sleep in as much comfort as your kids.

The Room provides bunk beds which are convertible, as well as being able to open the room up as much as possible.

Storage Space

Something which a lot of people don’t seem to think about is the storage space which you will have when you decide to get bunk beds for your kids.

With toys and other items in the room, the last thing you want is to have little to no space to be able to actually store these items.

Kid’s rooms can get messy, with clothes and toys scattered everywhere, however, when choosing to use a bunk bed, your kids’ toys will have more room to be neatly stored.

Be sure to check out the bunk beds at the offer from The Room.


Bunk beds offer more opportunity to get creative with the lighting in your children’s room, with more open space, more open light and more room to place lighting which will add to the overall aesthetic of the room.

Lighting is something brings the entire space together, especially when it comes to night time, before bed. When the room as space to light, instead of it just being a room with a bed in it, you will be able to get your creative juices flowing.

This includes what lighting you want, the type of lights, the colour or colours as well as a whole host of other factors.




Kid’s Dream Bedroom

Another factor is that buck beds are always something which kids love, something which many kids would love to have.

Much like a racing car bed, bunk beds attract kids as it is something different, compared to a normal single bed.

There are always little arguments on who will sleep on top, who will sleep at the bottom if they can swap, but this is the joy of bunk beds, something which single beds just can’t supply.

Furniture for kids needs to be practical but also needs to be an experience nonetheless. The experience of a child is one which is often filled with excitement and wonderment, something which a bunk bed can give them, even if only for a few moments.

The Room is able to supply this kind of joy, with quality in the heart of all they do.

Advantages Of Ergonomic Furniture For Kids

What Does Ergonomic Mean?

Ergonomic furniture is furniture which is designed for use, focusing on rounded edges, as well as maximum comfort, where children and adults will be able to limit back issues, where other types of furniture seem to provide.

This type of furniture is also designed to reduce the risk of head and neck injuries as it is made with a titled desktop, which puts much less stress on the user’s body.

With this in mind, The Room is a provider of furniture which is based on this principle, ensuring that children are kept as healthy as they can be with the use of their furniture.

Right Sitting For Your Child

When your child has the right posture, their development is not only physical but also mental, with more oxygen being supplied to their organs, including the brain.

When you set your child up with quality control, providing them with the best opportunity in terms of posture, there are other forms of improvement as well.

When it comes time for them to study, they will be comfortable and will be able to study for longer periods than normal, which is a huge plus, especially when they get into their later years.

Ergonomic furniture for kids is not just designed to be used for a short period of time, it is something which can be used even in their teenage years.


Ergonomics Will Develop As Your Child Does

As your child develops and grows, so too will the ergonomic furniture, which is designed in order to be enlarged when it comes time.

The chair and desk should always be proportionate to each other, as to offer the best support and chance of a healthy body for your child.

The Room offers quality tolled bedroom furniture and furniture for kids which is in the model of ergonomics, being able to ensure that your child is safe, and is developing the right posture.

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If you’re looking for quality furniture for kids, which will provide practicality and functionality, contact The Room today for more information.