Every home has different needs for bedroom furniture, and if your home has a couple of bundles of joy running around it, there is no doubt that you have, at least at some point, had to give some thought to their sleeping arrangements.

When thinking about this you have likely had concerns about how to make the most effective use of space, how to provide a sleeping area for everyone without breaking the bank, while also sourcing kids room furniture that gets your little ones excited for bedtime.

Kids bunk beds offer the ideal solution to meet all of these needs.

They are smartly designed to make the most effective use of space, are remarkably affordable, and inject a certain level of charismatic style into your kids’ room that speaks to their vibrant little personalities.

Here we will explore what bunk beds are, the advantages they can bring to the home, as well as a few drawbacks that you should be aware of.

We will also take a look at a few excellent tips that will help you to select the best bunk bed for your needs, and source it from the right supplier.

What are Bunk Beds?

Bunk beds have been outfitting kids’ rooms for just about as long as anyone can remember. They were first invented at some point in the 1400s, a staggeringly long time ago; but their design has changed somewhat over the years to suit the transformations of modern life and the modern family.

Initially created for small yet populated homes, each bunk in their original design was meant to sleep two people, with four people in total filling up the beds.

They weren’t even exclusively used for children when they were first invented, but would sleep just about everyone in the family to save space inside of their crowded, often very small homes.

As times have changed, homes have gotten bigger and less crowded, but parents still needed a way to make the best use of space for their children’s rooms.

And so, the design changed to become a little snugger, with one bunk sleeping a single person, placed on top of each other to sleep two in total.

As kids bunk beds became more popular and filled homes all over the world, their designs began to grow more varied and complex.

These days there is a multitude of different types of bunk beds to choose from, they come with different features and styles, and they can even be custom made to meet your exact expectations of them.

The Advantages of Bunk Beds

With this basic understanding of what bunk beds are, and how they are used, out of the way, let’s explore a few of the most common advantages associated with buying a kid’s bunk bed for your children’s room.

There is plenty to get excited about in this regard, more than can be covered in a single article, so let’s have a look at the most noticeable advantages that they bring to the home.

These include their improved use of space, how they help your children to become more independent, the versatility they offer to the home, and how they can make bedtime a fun endeavour for your children:

Improved Use of Space

The most obvious benefit to using bunk beds as a crucial part of your kids’ room furniture is that they make very effective use of the space available in their room.

Whereas other sleeping solutions only make use of the horizontal space in the room, whereby each bed is laid out next to each other to take up more surface area, bunk beds make effective use of vertical space by stacking on top of each other.

This gives you the freedom to make the most of the internal space in the room, by either leaving it open and clear for more space to play and relax, or it can be used to fit more furniture in the room.

Now there will be space for that toybox, rocking-horse, amateur science kit; or whatever else you may otherwise have had to leave out to save space.

This is particularly helpful if the size of your family is fast outgrowing the size of your home. You may not be in a position to ‘scale-up’ and give each child their own room. You may feel like your children are too young to be sleeping alone.

Whatever the reason, bunk beds give you the ability to make the most of the internal space available to you while ensuring that your children get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Fostering Independence

The next top advantage to owning a bunk bed in your home is that it assists your children with developing their own sense of independence, without having to give them their own space to do so.

They allow siblings to share a room, a place to play and sleep, without requiring them to share an actual bed.

This is particularly useful if your children are getting to an age where they are starting to spread their wings, particularly if there is a bit of an age gap between them.

The older of your children might be feeling a little stifled by having to share sleeping space with their younger sibling, which is perfectly healthy and normal.

As a parent, you may also want to give your children a little more space to grow into themselves, and if they are sharing a bed past a certain age, this can become quite difficult to foster.

Bunk beds that form a pivotal part of your kids’ room furniture will allow them their space to grow into themselves, while still not forcing them to sleep in a room by themselves, which your children might not be ready for.

Versatility with the Right Solution

The next big advantages to bunk beds, if you source one that is designed just right, is that they can offer an incredibly versatile piece of kids’ room furniture that serves a number of functions at once.

Abed doesn’t simply have to be a bed, but can also be folded up into a couch (particularly where the bottom bunk is concerned) to create a relaxing environment. This further saves up on bedroom space since you won’t need to think about seating if you have a fold-out bunk bed.

Some of them can even be converted into two-full sized beds at a later stage, by simply unstacking them from one another.

This means that as your children’s needs for independence grow, or you move into a larger home with more rooms, you will be able to disassemble the bunk bed so that each child can enjoy the space and freedom of their own space, without you needing to buy new beds for each.

Bunk beds can be given even more versatility with a pull-out trundle that provides a third sleeping space. This can be done for those ever-growing families that need more space, or can simply allow for a comfortable and fun sleep-over.

Tend to Each Child Individually

When children share a single bed, it can be difficult for parents to attend to the needs of one of them without interrupting the sleep of the other. This is particularly the case when one of the children is sick and needs individual care, maybe even throughout the night.

Dealing with the moods of one child who hasn’t had enough sleep can be challenging enough for parents, but if both children have been up all night because one of them was sick and needed to be tended to, can be all the more challenging.

Bunk beds offer the perfect solution to this since activity going on with one of the children will likely not disturb the other.

This becomes all the more important if any of your children are likely to have accidents in their sleep.

If this happens, you won’t have to worry about how this might present a challenge to the other child, since bunk beds will keep them separated.

The Disadvantages of Bunk Beds

Of course, with just about anything in life, bunk beds aren’t simply characterised by the advantages that they bring to the average family home.

For you to have a full understanding of how they can provide you with their many benefits, you also need to understand a few of their downsides.

For the most part, with the right amount of care and attention, these downsides can be bypassed and may never pose a problem. But it is still good to know what they are so that you can prepare for them.

These drawbacks concern safety, the ease of making the bed, and how easily you can give attention to children using them, particularly those on the top bunk.

Safety Concerns

Most of the safety concerns surrounding the use of kids’ bunk beds can be mitigated by simply ensuring that you get a bed that is sturdy and well made, but those concerns are still there.

Children are, by their very nature, quite energetic. They may bounce, climb and play on the bed, which could cause it to break. When this happens with the top bunk, it could be dangerous for whoever is sleeping below.

For this reason, bunk beds are not recommended for children under the age of 3, particularly the lower bunk.

So, if you are using a bunk bed at home, you need to ensure that your children understand the importance of ensuring that it doesn’t break, and you should also keep a close eye on its condition.

Making the Bed

The top bunk of the bed can be difficult to reach without having to do a little climbing and balancing, which presents a bit of a challenge to whoever is charged with making the bed. It can be difficult to get to the right angle on the top bunk to effectively keep it tidy at all times; but with a little practice, it will eventually become as straightforward as making a normal bed.

Getting Out of Bed at Night

Whether its to get a glass of water or head to the toilet, your children will likely need to get out of bed at some point in the evening. For the sleeper in the bottom bunk, this presents no more of a challenge than it would for any sleeper.

For those on the top bunk, however, things can get a little trickier, since they will need to carefully navigate the ladder to get to ground level.

This can be a little dangerous if they struggle to find their footing in their sleepy state; but on the upside, this will help your children to develop their motor skills when navigating the ladder in a sleepy state.

Putting down carpets to soften the ground in front of the bed can help with this; but for the most part, children are agile and nimble enough to manage to do this without incident.

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Getting a bunk bed for your children’s room can be an incredibly effective way to make the best possible use of space while fostering their individual independence by giving them their own personal sleeping space.

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