Baby Room Furniture

If you are expecting, then you will be excited to prepare a baby room for your new-born. A cot or chest of drawers is something which your baby will use for large parts of the day. When you commit yourself to such a rewarding, yet straining experience, adding something that will make it easier will be an advantage to you.

If you ask many parents, a simple piece of baby furniture makes all the difference. The cot can be the difference between no sleep and proper rest. Our supply of high-quality baby room furniture will allow you to get rest as your newborn sleeps peacefully.

Our baby room furniture is made from durable wood and is sure to add both style and serenity to any nursery. The items are uniquely hand painted with a high-quality lead-free paint of your choice from our range of col-ours.


Our cots provide your baby with a wonderfully comfortable, well ventilated sleeping environment. They also offer three platform height options to grow with your little one. In addition, the front panel can be removed completely and be converted into a daybed or loveseat when your little one has outgrown it.


With simple yet classic design elements, our compactum’s is an essential when it comes to storage solutions. Featuring a large surface area that comfortably fits changing mats and four or five spacious drawers that provide ample room for organizing your baby’s belongings, this item is a favourite feature for many baby rooms.

These are specially designed to match any of The Room’s cots or beds, yet versatile enough to complement any furniture in your home for future use.

Cubes & Toy Boxes

The growing phase starts and never stops. As such, we offer a multitude of packing options such as blanket and toy boxes or cubes during the period where you’re buying new clothes and toys frequently.

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If you’re looking for furniture for your child, then you’ve come to the right place. The baby room is the first stage, getting it right from the start can set you up for a smoother road in the future.

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