Toddler Room Furniture

If your child has grown too big for their cot it may be time to set up a toddler room. When you move from a cot to a bed, there can be a lot of challenges that come with the change.

In most cases, your child may not like the fact that it must swap a cot for a new bed. The experience can often be overwhelming for the toddler as it is something different. However, when you choose the right bed, you’re ensuring that there is enough comfort and security.

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Kids Room Furniture

Our toddler room selection boasts a range of options which will allow for a smoother transition into toddler-hood. We supply everything from toddler beds, standard beds with safety rails and bunk beds.

Beds, Toddler Beds & Bunk Beds

A favourite item of ours is the Stardust Toddler Bed (carefully constructed from The Room’s durable wood) it is the perfect bed for toddlers who have outgrown their cribs but are still too small for an adult bed.
Painted in your choice of colour from our range of child-safe, lead-free paint, this bed fits most standard crib mattresses and is low to the ground for easy access. The guardrails on either side allow you to safely tuck your little one in for a night of sweet dreams.

Optional Extras for Beds

Another essential, once your child outgrows his or her cot, is our Dorado Safety Rail. It is easily attached to all our single and bunk bed options. The ‘safety first’ hinged safety rail features a wooden ‘arm’ that flaps out and extends under the mattress, with the weight of the mattress keeping the safety rail in place (Please Note: The fixed rail does not flap).
Offering a far easier alternative to purchasing a new single bed, this addition can easily be removed during the day and reattached at night or left in place until your child has passed the ‘rolling’ phase

A Custom Approach to Kids Furniture

A toddler room needs to be functional as children are active and require enough space to exude their energy. Moreover, their beds need to fit their personalities. With different styles, your child will be able to take their imagination to a new level in their own space.

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